Event Planning Tips: How to Choose a Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental

But you shouldn’t simply arrange to have a bathroom trailer delivered to your event space and stop there. You’ll also want to put together a plan that’ll help you get this event space ready for it. By assessing the real needs of your event or project and matching them with the appropriate unit, you can avoid unnecessary costs. For instance, a simple construction site might not require a deluxe model with extra amenities. But before we go any further we want to talk about a few hidden costs some companies may try to sneak in.

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The toilets themselves are lightweight, making it easy to arrange them in an ideal configuration while lending versatility to your bathroom setup. Their extreme portability and compact design make them ideal for concerts, sporting events, family reunions, and outdoor barbecues. Because there are many styles of restroom trailers, you need to do some simple division to get to where you want to be. Determining this information will greatly benefit your decision making when it comes to providing emergency restroom trailers.

Factors that Affect Rental Porta Potties & Sanitation Equipment Pricing

Read more about luxury restroom trailer rentals here. It never hurts to rent a few porta potties or restroom trailer to accommodate all of your attendees/guests, so that they aren’t wasting time waiting in line for the restroom. Consider how many people will be coming to the event to determine whether you should rent portable restrooms. When choosing a porta potty rental service, make sure to compare the rates for our units. Not every unit is the same, but every custom designed restroom has its own benefits. From hand wash stations to massive restroom trailer rentals, feel free to ask questions about prices that are displayed on our website. There are a few other kinds of portable restroom setups that you may see around.

Q: What should I consider when choosing a business name for my restroom trailer business?

To attach the unit, it’s best to use a handcart, as this will drastically reduce the workforce you’ll need. Additionally, you’ll want to push the cart instead of pulling it, as this will prevent injuries to your back. Below, we’ll go over these three phases in more depth and explain how to prepare your portable restroom for transport. If you think you might already have a Payment Portal account set up, our team can help. Please email  or call 1.800.TOILETS and select 3 for billing and payments. Hand Sanitizer is billed at $35 per billing cycle aligning with our minimum cost to deliver this vital product in our service offering.

Types of restroom trailers and amenities

The distance between the rental company and your event or project site can significantly influence the cost. You can explore our vast catalog here at Viking Rentals to get a sense of just how many different options you have at your fingertips. But, the portable toilet itself is just one piece of the pricing puzzle. However, if you’re looking for something more upscale, like a restroom trailer with running water and climate control, be prepared to allocate a bigger budget. For most job sites and event locations, you’ll need two porta-johns for every 50 people attending an eight-hour event. Typically, you’ll need around one porta potty for every ten people on the premises, according to OSHA and ADA rules. The duration of your event also plays a role in determining how many porta potties you need at your event.

Our luxury restroom trailers are in high demand and are often reserved a year in advance. It is best to reserve your trailer as soon as your event date is confirmed. No matter which portable restroom company you decide, make sure you request photos of the exact restroom trailer you are renting. Your budget is also an essential determinant of whether you should get a portable toilet or bathroom trailer. Working on a tight budget, then a portable toilet would be ideal. However, if you have a bit more to spend, you should go for a restroom trailer because they offer more amenities and comfort.

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