2023 guide on how to start a house cleaning business

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A house cleaner will take into consideration the level of the mess that needs attention. Homes full of kids and pets will likely take more time and effort than the home of a bachelor who travels frequently.

Book a time that suits you with our easy online booking platform for Huntington Beach. Plus, you can use Homebase’s GPS time clock to prevent any time theft by ensuring employees are at the job site when they clock in and out. You can easily assign shifts by dragging and dropping or using pre-made templates. Make sure to include all the important details like the location, tasks, and supplies needed for each job. If you already have a couple of clients, ask them to refer you to others.

Book a top-rated cleaner in 3 easy steps

Individual cleaners work primarily in personal residences, for a small number of clients — if you go this house cleaning route, you’ll spend less. Some independent contractors keep weekly appointments with a fixed schedule of clients and jobs. Other individuals are available for short-term or one-time services by the day or hour.

When to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Formal training or certifications aren’t required for typical home and office cleaning, but that doesn’t mean the job is easy. If it were easy, there wouldn’t be such a large market for domestic cleaners. That said, cleaning can be a lucrative and rewarding business for individuals with a great work ethic and customer service demeanor. Grow your house cleaning business first by focusing on delivering exceptional service to existing clients.

Take advantage of introductory rates

A service in between individual help and hiring a large agency would be a small, locally-owned cleaning business. Small businesses are normally bonded and insured, which covers you for any accidents on the job.

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