How to Teach Kids to Pray +FREE Printable Prayer Guide by ‘My Salah Mat’

This may be an obvious one to many, but we though we’d clarify the meats that are halal. We also wanted to shed light on rare foods that many people question whether it is halal or not. Finally, on (3), if I did buy gold I would buy it via an online broker such as Bullion Vault and Minted. Alternatively, I would buy via a gold ETF using Hargreaves Lansdowne or M1 Finance.

I am simple, soft-spoken, respectful, and an educated person with the right mix of modern and traditional cultures. I am God fearing, read the Quran every day, and perform Namaz five times a day. I come from an orthodox family who believes in following our religious traditions.

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With enough practice, you’ll soon get in the habit of thinking in this flowery writing style. Translating is awkward and clumsy, and should really be avoided now that you’re at an advanced level. Now, here’s a simpler email thanking the recipient for signing a contract.

As anyone who’s done business in an Arab country knows, it’s crucial to avoid being overly direct or blunt. Oral negotiations can take a long time, and any discussion over text becomes even more oblique.

How to Teach Kids to Pray (+FREE Printable Prayer Guide by ‘My Salah Mat’)

If for investment only, then there are probably better ways to invest in gold. Don’t try to run before you can walk when writing in a foreign language, even one that you know well. It’s good to take material from others and use lots of set phrases. Not only does the formatting look like a mess, but the overall effect is jarring. The two writing styles are vastly different, and it will make the recipient wonder what you’re trying to accomplish by not sticking to one language.

There are a plethora of ways you can now invest in gold either offline or online. And only a few of those are a commercially viable way of investing that will result in lucrative outcomes long-term. If you need the slightest amount of further information from me, do not hesitate to call my private number at [phone number]. It is out of the immense friendship and respect that I hold for you that I wish to put forth a small suggestion with regards to the time of our scheduled meeting on Thursday. Here’s a brief template for asking to change the time of a previously-scheduled meeting. Take a look at the kind of elevated language used, and pay attention to how much respect is being shown the recipient because of his status. To that end, let’s take a look at the important elements of any business letter in the Arabic language.

Some Muslims are particular about their Madhab and want to call this out specifically. This could potentially impact their lifestyle and hence can become an important factor for matchmaking. This is not a mandatory step, instead it is considered to be a practice of the sunnah according to Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid. This was his response when asked whether animals need to be facing towards the qibla when slaughtered (source). In a nutshell for the slaughter to be halal it must be done with one pass of the blade across the throat. This is a controversial point because slaughtering an animal in front of another animal is seen as unethical and scares the other animals who are most likley next in line to be slaughtered.

Nikah Requirements and Procedure (and What to Expect If You’re a Guest)

If the kid is still crying, you may carry the child while praying or wrap them with you. It is important for a few people in your family, local Muslim community, friends, and the local imam to have a copy of your certificate in case such a need arises. Non-Muslim family members may not know where to go or what to do, and may just bury you as a non-Muslim would be buried, or worse, cremated which is forbidden.

Allah even commanded us to obey and follow the footsteps of our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Islamic patterns are still being adopted up to this day in many forms. They are used in furniture, rugs, screens, prints, and other decorative elements to give a Middle Eastern touch to different spaces. They are also sometimes featured in the façades of buildings like mosques and some city buildings, and cultural institutes. She has studied Islamic calligraphy and comes up with exquisite artwork whenever she finds the time.

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Our powerful search provides results of a wide range of content types to provide you with relevant information. There are a couple of textbooks out there that are specifically designed for English-speakers learning business Arabic. One of the most highly regarded is Raji M. Rammuny’s Business Arabic, which comes in two levels and has an array of sample business correspondence to look at. The best way to continue learning is to read everything you come across and always work to make your own writing better. But there are millions of people who have learned to read and write Arabic and English with ease.

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