How to Properly Groom Your Doodle- Mini Aussiedoodles and Australian Labradoodle Puppies Best Aussiedoodle Breeders in Washington State, Portland, Oregon

However, if their body appears tense, their tail is tucked, or their ears are pinned back, it may indicate that their zoomies stem from fear or stressful situations. When a dog wants to engage in play, they will often lower their front end while keeping their back end up in the air. This is an invitation for fun and frolic and is commonly seen during playtime with other dogs or even with us humans. Balance is something that takes experience to develop an eye for. A dog that has a tighter body with fuller legs will appear more balanced than a dog with fuller body and short legs. When too much coat is left on the body two things can happen.

Our Doodle puppies are born in the main part of the house and raised in the kitchen or den area. By four weeks old we are able to begin understanding each pup’s temperament. Between 4 and 5 weeks of age we allow the puppies short periods of play time outside in the back yard. At 7 weeks of age each pup is temperament tested by an experienced dog trainer. We use the world-renowned Volhard Temperament Test, the same test used on potential guide dogs, military/police dogs, drug dogs and sport dogs. We have a good idea of each pup’s core temperament after the test. The test scores, plus our experiences with each puppy, help us guide buyers to their perfect companion.

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That said, we’ve outlined the most common eye problems that your mini Goldendoodle may experience so you can keep your eyes peeled for potential issues. In our experience with our dog, once we cut her down to 6mm, her hair will grow back to what we would consider to be perfect length in about six weeks. It will grow out in about 12 weeks to where it’s time to cut it again. There is no doubt that the summer months can be brutal for a pet. Like any dog, Goldendoodles need to be continually monitored in the summer months to avoid overheating.

Without enough water, your dog could be at risk of dehydration. But it’s not just the eyes that hold clues to their emotions. A relaxed mouth with slightly open lips is a sign that they are feeling calm and content. However, if their mouth is tightly closed or their lips are pulled back tightly, it could be a sign of fear or aggression. For example, direct eye contact can be seen as a challenge or a sign of dominance, especially if it’s prolonged or intense. On the other hand, if your pup avoids eye contact or looks away, it could be a sign of submission or even fear.

A senior Goldendoodle, for example, can experience age-related challenges and illnesses that require special attention from their owners. Providing the right diet, grooming needs, and medical care is essential. Safari Doodles puppies meet a variety of adult dogs of all ages and sizes; we are quite careful to only expose them to animals and environments that we know are free from disease.

#2 Eye Allergies

Rub the product in with your fingers, and massage deep into the knot. Training classes are essential for young Goldendoodles, and they tend to respond well within the first six weeks. If you plan on taking a vacation, it’s essential to factor in how much you’ll need to spend on boarding and daycare services for your pet.


We’ve examined over 20 different breeders from the Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA) throughout the United States to determine the actual cost to purchase a goldendoodle. This popular breed comes in different sizes – toy, miniature, and standard – and their coats can be curly, similar to the poodle, or long and straight like a golden retriever. By investing in a Goldendoodle puppy from a reputable breeder, you’re ensuring that your new furry friend has had the best possible start in life. You’re contributing to a more ethical and responsible pet industry and laying the foundation for a lifetime of joy and companionship with your new Goldendoodle.

Ultimately, the term “doodle” simply refers to a crossbreed or hybrid dog; so, any mixed-breed dog could technically be considered a doodle. Whether it’s due to traffic and noise, abuse, abandonment, or simply being born into a difficult circumstance, these pups need our help. Even if the stress comes out of separation from their owner, it’s still serious. There are a number of ways you can assist dogs in distress in the long run.

If you’re thinking of buying a goldendoodle puppy, we suggest you frist check with PuppySpot and Premier Pups. Premier Pups is offering our blog readers $250 off a new puppy with coupon code WLD250. If you’d like to find a local breeder, be sure you check reviews and visit the kennel in person to ensure that you’re adopting a healthy, happy little dog. Goldendoodles are intelligent, friendly dogs that make wonderful pets.

Next, give them the opportunity to become familiar with the items you’ll use to groom and dress them up, such as their dog brushes and their dog bandanas, for example. Read more about labradoodle puppy for sale here. Reward good behavior during grooming sessions with positive reinforcement, such as praise or a dog treat. Most of the time, a dying Mini Goldendoodle loses interest in things that used to be fun and would instead rest or lie around.

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