Your Full Guide to Unity Performance Optimization

We have to make sure, none of these types of applications are running in the background, while gaming. As I explained before, Game Mode significantly optimizes your PC to give 100% performance while gaming. Game Mode sets your application priority high, disable pop-ups, notifications, and kills all other useless applications running in the background.

Gaming Performance Optimization

The more draw calls you have, the more workload you put on the CPU and the GPU, which can affect the performance of your game. To minimize draw calls, you should use batching, which is a technique that combines multiple game objects into one draw call. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, 16 GB will suffice for now. But if you want to run streaming services in the background like Twitch, Discord, and YouTube, you’ll need to update to 32 GB to handle running everything smoothly.

Games are no fun if you want to throw up every time you start them. You can also check which apps are hogging the bandwidth through the Task Manager. Click the ‘Network’ header to arrange the programs according to their network usage. With games being so reliant on the internet, you want the information to have a smooth path to the server and back.

Three Most Important Things For Performance Optimization

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, feel free to drop them in the comments section. Click on Check for updates and update Windows OS to optimize Windows 10 for gaming. Right-click on your desktop and then click on your graphic driver control panel. Read more about Gaming Performance Optimization here. Lastly, uncheck the box next to Allow downloads during gameplay, as highlighted. Changing the battery power plan to High Performance will optimize the battery life and in turn, optimize Windows 10 for gaming. Not being distracted by notification pop-ups and sounds is an integral part of optimizing your system for gaming. Turning on Focus Assist will prevent notifications from popping up when you are gaming and thus, enhance your chances of winning the game.

You might also have a problem like malware hogging your resources or a hard drive that’s too full. Optimize your machine with a PC cleaner tool and run antivirus software to speed up a slow PC.

How to Quickly Fix Roblox Error Code 264 and Continue Playing

Often a separate setting in the game from video quality, try reducing the screen resolution. Along with these solutions, minimize background applications while gaming, as resource-intensive programs can divert valuable system resources away from the game. One of the final causes of low FPS is the speed at which a computer loads game assets, especially in open-world games or those with expansive maps. Another possible contributor to low FPS is insufficient RAM, as modern games demand substantial amounts of RAM to load textures and maintain overall performance. Inadequate RAM hinders the system’s ability to store and manage the required data, causing stutters and slowdowns during gameplay. The software usually selects the best graphic setting for a game, and for the most part, it works. However, there are some instances when the software reverts to the lowest setting, even if the graphic card is capable of running the game on the highest settings available.

Why am I getting low fps on my high-end PC?

In general, it’s a good idea to have hardware that exceeds the recommended system requirements whenever possible. This will ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience and also protect your system for new games that may have higher system requirements.

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