You can keep track of all your published positive reviews from your dashboard. Use Interactions to automatically prompt your guests for a rating after their first visit. If they rate 3 stars or less, we’ll deflect it with an internal feedback form. Not everyone who walks into your store is going to buy something, while some people might combine the purchases into one ticket. In-store WiFi creates a clear picture of the number of people walking through the door and the percent of people who buy from you. Track the average number of people who visit your store each day. Read more about WiFi email capture here. Providing free WiFi through Spectrio Connect opens the door to a multitude of in-store analytics that you can utilize to improve your operations.

In order to make it a true success, you need to develop a customer acquisition and marketing plan for your pop-up shop. To keep their head above water in the New Year, brick-and-mortar retailers must use WiFi marketing to their advantage. If your business is looking to gain information about customers in a simple, easy way, Wavespot has features that provide in-depth analytics to help you better manage your marketing efforts. Specifically, small and medium businesses can enjoy a scalable and robust marketing solution with the convergence of Wavespot and Constant Contact. Wavespot makes it easy to create, deploy, and measure a business’s marketing campaign success as well as optimize future campaigns. Aiwifi has provided the right interface and technology for our customers. We were able to increase business accounts loyalty by providing a unique tool to complement their efforts.

WiFi Marketing

Allowing customers to easily connect to the internet without a password and through their Social Media accounts saves time and provides a better customer experience. A leader in innovative WiFi and Fibre connectivity solutions since 2002, Wifirst is trusted by thousands of customers across Europe to provide high-quality, robust networks. Spectrio Connect allows you to protect your network with separation between your guests and business assets.

With true Wi-Fi marketing, you’ll have that opt-in where you collect some sort of data and consent from users. The boost in your social following can lead to sales and new customers through word of mouth.

Do You Run A Spa Or Salon? Here Are 5 Ways to Use Wi-Fi Marketing To Boost Your Business

Businesses understand this need for connectivity, but often overlook the guest Wi-Fi channel as part of an omni-channel strategy. Omni-channel experiences are about leveraging data to develop physical experiences that act, behave, and can be understood like digital experiences. Guest WiFi marketing is a critical tool within an omni-channel marketing strategy, whether you are a larger retailer, a sports team, a museum, or a co-working space.

Optimize network

This connection can turn the “liability” of brick-and-mortar to an advantage in customer engagement and sales over online-only businesses. For offline businesses like restaurants, WiFi marketing is quite possibly the most powerful way to build a strong customer base, increase customer spending, improve loyalty, and decrease costs. LinkyFi provides you with the freedom to modify customer WiFi access. For instance, you can offer improved internet access to users who provide more detailed information about themselves during the login process. Once users are added to your list, you can segment them using logic filters.

WiFi Garden

Offering free WiFi will mean you have access to more high-quality customer data. You’ll be able to understand your customers better and get more insights into what drives them to buy from you, if they’re enjoying their experience, how long they’re spending in your store and so on. Depending on the kinds of marketing campaigns you want to run, you might choose to collect alternative or additional data. WiFi marketing makes it easy to ask for reviews from customers easy. Customers can be sent instant requests via email or SMS to review their in-store experience either while they’re still in your store or immediately after purchase. It’s easy to automate a follow up too, sending requests for product reviews or asking customers to share their experience on their social media. Here are 6 ways you can use WiFi marketing to grow your retail business, from being able to compete with online stores to tracking and understanding your customers in real-time.

By leveraging WiFi networks to engage with customers, businesses are able to create more personalized and tailored experiences that can help drive customer loyalty and retention. This data helps businesses get an overall picture of who’s connecting with them and allows them to make informed decisions about how best to engage with those customers. It’s where a small business offers a free connection in retail locations and other places. Then, they use that connection for marketing campaigns like promotions and messages. Reliable Wi-Fi sets up your retail store as a destination people want to return to as well, giving your customers added value every single time they visit your store. Even better, providing your customers with WiFi means they’ll check-in and tag your store, sharing your brand across their social networks too.

This data alone is valuable, instantly giving you the tools to grow an email list. Even better however is the data collected from when users log-on and use WiFi in your store. With LinkyFi, you can create hyper-personalized marketing campaigns for both new and returning visitors. This includes running one-time, recurring, and time-based offers, as well as using self-advertisements to build brand awareness. Our solution is also highly flexible and can learn the location of your visitors to display information in their native language.

Create a wifi network where the visitor numbers are counted and monitored. Other social media logins like Instagram shares your biz profile, target ads as you gain customer insights. Having your customers use your guest WiFi a great way to get them to opt in for email marketing. Remember to nurture your customer relationship by providing valuable content and not just product offers. Just as restaurants are growing their venues with online delivery apps, retail stores can also help expand their market share with the combination of real-store and online apps or shopping. Customers now expect high levels of engagement with brands, so being able to provide a personalised marketing experience to each customer will make your marketing more relevant and more effective. Personal data makes it possible for marketers to target and interact with actual and potential customers.

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