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Carriers might offer discounts for multiple vehicles being transported on the same route. Look for a “Get a Quote” or “Request a Quote” button on the company’s website. You’ll be prompted to provide information about your vehicle and transportation preferences. The size, weight, and dimensions of your vehicle affect the cost. Larger and heavier vehicles may take up more space on a transport truck, potentially increasing the price.

Unlike RoRo services, container shipping allows you to load your car with personal items or spare parts, which can be shipped together inside the container. This added flexibility makes container shipping a preferred option for those who need to transport more than just their vehicle. Roll on/roll off or RORO Shipping remains one of the most cost-effective ways to safely ship a vehicle overseas.

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We offer proper handling and timely deliveries of your automobiles with the help of our industry partners, who have an impeccable record in automobile transportation. These car shipping companies provide door to door vehicle transport, but by “door to door”, they mean the nearest point to you navigable by a 75 foot trailer. In US restrictions on commercial vehicle movement in residential areas often makes it necessary to make the nearest school or shopping mall the pick up or delivery point. One of the main factors that affect auto transportation cost is the hauling distance and the delivery location.

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In some cases, a car dolly can also be used to move a car forward. When moving a vehicle forward, whether it is being driven or transported.


A1 Auto Transport can deliver your car to your front door with a wide array of delivery options to suit your budget. We are car shipping experts with over three decades of experience. Understanding the different kinds of car transport vehicles will allow you to make better choices when transporting your own car or launching a business within this sector. Car carriers are large trucks with multiple decks used to transport vehicles from one destination to another. We ensure speed and accuracy on every shipment with our digitally-enabled carrier network that use our proprietary, cutting-edgeelectronic proof of delivery application.

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Another obvious factor affecting car shipping delivery time is the distance between the pickup location and the destination. The longer the distance, the longer the transit, and the longer it’ll take to have your car delivered. Read more about European vehicle recovery here. It is practically speaking, the end of the distribution line, folks. Being in the center of the country, folks in the Midwest are using auto transport services in every direction.

When the carrier arrives, you both check the vehicle for any existing damage and record it on the Bill of Lading. You sign this important document and the carrier can load your vehicle onto the auto transport trailer. As well as reducing the risk of damage, this step also helps to decrease the risk of theft or loss of these items during the car shipping process. Your shipment will be assigned to the carrier that can best accommodate your route and timeframe.

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