How We Clean Our Crate & Barrel Lounge ii Couch

Then glue 2 layers of batting onto one side of each rectangular piece. For each of the base pieces you will need to cut out a piece of sofa fabric that’s the same size. You will first need to cut out the pieces for the base of the sofa. You will need to carefully cut the pieces out of foam board using an X-acto knife and a ruler. Jenna’s is by George Sherlock – another paragon of quality and timeless style. Of course that’s not exactly in the cards, but I’m considering a lot of different English roll-arm styles that sport a similar vibe – which I will share soon. The couch is where you and your loved ones gather to watch Netflix, catch up on the day, play games and more, often with drinks and snacks in hand.

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So i’m hoping we figure out a better situation in the future. Vacuum your cushions regularly, and don’t forget to vacuum underneath the cushions as well. Lost cereal, old toys, loose change, and many other items can fall between your couch cushions and make for a pretty gross sofa.

Choose A Style that Complements Your Home

It can often be difficult to find a color palette that works with black furniture, since black furniture tends to be monochromatic. Here are some tips on how to make your black modern sofa stand out.

– Do Something with the Middle (or Don’t)

Read more about flexform here.

The upholstery piece will be at the front where your knees hang down. Staple as close to the wood as you can, while folding the fabric over. You want to continue this fabric over the entire arm, then down the side of the couch just a few inches so there are no gaps. Fold the raw edges in underneath the other work to hide them.

To make the new cushion covers for the couch, use your seam ripper to take apart the old cushions, and measure each piece to cut out matching pieces of your new fabric. A kiln-dried hardwood frame is a must in ensuring durability in your upholstery furniture. Oak, maple and ash are woods most commonly used in upholstered furniture. A good frame is joined using dowels as well as corner blocks glued and screwed together. The legs should be an integral part of the frame and center legs should be used for additional support.

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