How to Use a Mattress Topper Properly The Complete Guide

The Nolah Evolution 15 is a great choice if you sleep hot at night. The top foam layer contours to your body much like memory foam but without the heat retention. You generally need a balance of cushioning and support to promote even spinal alignment and prevent pressure buildup in areas like the shoulders, lower back, and hips.

While we do specifically look at bounce as a separate test, the way we analyze bounce for general purpose sleeping doesn’t align well to sex performance. While tons of bounce isn’t always great for sleep, it’s almost always preferable for sex. To test response time we place a 12 pound medicine ball on the mattress. We record the process using a high FPS camera, overlay a stop watch, and then go frame-by-frame to assess exactly how long the mattress takes to recover. Our motion transfer test uses accelerometer data to show motion through an objective, quantitative numbers. To complete our motion transfer tests we place our accelerometer on one side of the mattress and drop a 12 pound medicine ball on the other side. The specific materials used within the mattress make a significant impact on how cool the mattress will be.

Kirschner says that most people, whether they sleep on their side, back, or stomach, should attempt to maintain neutral spine alignment when they sleep. Waking up with aches and pains, or complaints about patchy sleep, are signs that you’re out of alignment in the night. Mattress shopping used to mean driving over to a local mattress retailer, like Macy’s, Sears, or Mattress Firm, to test out a few beds. Once you settled on the right bed, you typically had to wait at least a few days for the retailer to arrange delivery. The process was somewhat inconvenient, awkward (someone stares at you as you test a bed), and took a good deal of time, but it granted you certain advantages, as well. The hybrid mattress designed with pillow top comfort layer to deliver exceptional huggable softness. If you lose sleep or are not comfortable sleeping, then it is hard to recover from pain.

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Read more about Nolah mattress here. At the end of the day, when it comes to choosing a mattress, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Everyone’s needs are different and understanding those needs will help you make the best choice for your comfort.

But don’t be too rough, as you don’t want to damage the mattress. Additionally, 100 percent natural latex is dust mite resistant and antimicrobial. This helps your mattress stand the test of time, while also offsetting those unpleasant thoughts of dust mites, dander, and excess sweat absorption.

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If you want pain relief at key pressure points, look for a mattress that gently conforms to your body when you lie down. Read more about motion isolation mattress here. If you want good edge support, look for mattresses with reinforced edges. Customer reviews often give a clearer picture of how much edge support a mattress has. If your bed has weak edges, you might feel like the bed gives way easily when you sit on it. This can spell bad news at night if your partner rolls you to the edge, and you feel like you’re going to tumble to the floor.

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Almost all mattresses can be identified as one of five types — foam, innerspring, hybrid, latex, or airbed. Innersprings are the most well-known and traditionally were the mainstay in homes nationwide. Read more about split king mattress here. In recent years, though, other mattress types have surged in popularity. Start your search by using our mattress quiz below, which will help determine your best bed based on sleep position, body weight, and other key factors.

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Most of the time, a mattress pad will also be contained within a fitted sheet. Mattress toppers tend to be standalone or have corner straps to hold them in position. Despite how often these two terms are used interchangeably, the fact is that a mattress topper and a mattress pad are not the same. A mattress protector isn’t the only layer to keep allergens and dust mites away; whether you have a twin XL or larger, they all can get dirty. Many models provide strategically placed cushioning that can relieve pressure points and your hip and shoulder bones while providing incredible support.

Height and weight.

A mattress with supportive edges allows sleepers to lie closer to the perimeter, increasing the bed’s overall usability. Edge support is recorded by placing weight on the edge of the bed and measuring the resulting sinkage. Mattresses that perform well in this category have responsive surfaces that allow sleepers to move without restriction.

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