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How to Plan a Corporate Event

When IKEA hosts its pop-up experiences, it’s not just about showcasing products. They also offer workshops and food, enhancing the brand experience. While these might seem like additional costs, they ensure strong media coverage and social media buzz, subsequently resulting in positive ROI. A budget isn’t just about cost-cutting; it’s a strategic blueprint that guides every decision, from venue selection to marketing campaigns. Moreover, when shaping your event budget, it’s imperative to ensure each decision drives higher ROI, from choosing the right venue to launching effective marketing campaigns.

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Spend some time researching and creating a page that compels visitors to register. In order to make your event easy to access and convenient to attend for everyone, you should consider choosing a mobile-friendly platform. This could mean adding a powerful mobile event app to your event experience or simply making sure that the sessions or other features are also accessible via a mobile browser. You can make your in-person event easier to navigate and much more interactive for attendees by including an event mobile app. The mobile app can help attendees take a look at the event agenda for the day and maintain a personal calendar.

More than 1 billion people use the platform each month, 71% of whom are 35 or younger. How are you going to bring the personality (e.g. brand & voice) to life?

These five C’s are the key elements that make up the recipe for smooth event planning and an epic event. If you have these down, you have a great chance at hosting a successful and memorable event. Event planning underlines every task or activity that an event organizer needs to do before they are ready to host an epic event. It means the entire process of setting up an event and managing all of its aspects. This includes setting up a date, an agenda, finding speakers, marketing the event to a wider audience, and so much more.

Remember that every event is different, even those held at the same venue, so it’s important to work out a plan that suits your needs. It also means coming up with creative event concepts that make content delivery an interactive experience. Because at the end of the day, attendees want a chance to add to the conversation and connect with one another around the content delivered. Finally, it’s all about leading with the right incentives for the potential partner you’re speaking to. Is there an opportunity for the sponsor to have a large in-person presence? Know what you’re willing to offer and communicate it in clear terms.

However, collecting post-event feedback might be a much more important part of event planning and management. This can give you much more detailed insights into how the experience was for each attendee and what they liked or disliked about the event. Make sure to first fully understand what you are looking for in an event planning solution and only select platforms that will fulfill your event goals. Always read up on all G2 and Capterra reviews for the event management solutions you are considering.

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