How to Live in Your House During a Kitchen Remodel

Generally, paths throughout a kitchen should be at least 36 inches wide. Aisles within the cooking zone should be 42 inches wide for a one-cook kitchen and 48 inches wide for a two-cook configuration. When planning, adjust kitchen islands and peninsulas accordingly. Now we’ll continue our ten steps for a successful kitchen remodeling right after our Best New Product, which features a product that might be perfect for your kitchen. But the purchase and installation of cabinets represents the bulk of most kitchen renovation budgets.

But if you’re only remodeling a kitchen, their services are not critical, even though they can add significant costs to the project. Choose one focal point within your kitchen design that draws the eye or makes a bold statement. Splashy backsplash tile, fancy flooring, a sizable range hood, bright kitchen cabinets, or patterned countertops can all serve as the attention-grabbing element. Once you select the focus, complement that area with a few other quieter but still eye-catching details.

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That’s not to say a few surprises won’t come up every now and then because when you’re tearing into a wall or digging into something that someone else built well you may find a few things. But with a well laid out plan it will minimize those surprises that can kind of hinder a job. But now days you can get it with a mirrored finish, brush finish or satin bowl with mirrored finish so all those decisions have to be made. But another reason to select the faucet at the same time is that some faucets require only one hole, others three holes. And others require three holes plus an extra one for the sprayer.

If you’re working with a professional contractor, they likely have a checklist or timeline to help determine when the overall project is complete. If you’re attempting the process yourself, sit down and make a list of all outstanding tasks to help keep everything right on track. Flooring in the kitchen should look good, feel good, and last. Select appliances according to your family’s cooking style not just their looks.

Finishing the Walls

It’s also important to put aside at least 20 percent of your budget for unexpected costs because we all know those are bound to pop up during any construction project. If you’re only renovating your kitchen in order to sell your home, you should evaluate how much value the reno will actually add before determining the amount you’re willing to put into the project. Start thinking about your desired color scheme, materials you like, your new kitchen’s layout, and any other fun features you might want to add, like a kitchen island or interesting lighting fixtures. Some contractors offer free estimates, while others charge $50 to $500 or more, depending on the scope of work. Many contractors who charge a fee will then apply that money to the cost of the job if you choose to hire them. Once you’ve started getting bids on your project, you can update your labor estimates with more concrete numbers.

The fact is, quality kitchen cabinets, hardware, and fixtures all carry a significant cost. As does hiring trades professionals, like electricians and plumbers (which is highly recommended for safety reasons). By all means, do what you can with your budget, but be careful not to overshoot and take on more than you can realistically complete with your available time and resources. Their expertise can help you make better renovation decisions, and booking ahead of time will ensure a spot on their calendars. The good news is that, at Firenza Stone, we make it super-easy and straightforward to start and complete the entire kitchen remodeling project with just one contractor.

– Check in with your kitchen renovation contractor

All your appliances, tile, and accessories need somewhere to live (some homeowners have even rented a portable storage unit for this purpose). The simplest method to remodel your kitchen on a budget is by replacing the items gradually. It is better than finishing the whole task at once and settling for lesser quality materials. It enables you to select high-quality items without exceeding your budget. The cabinetry is the most pricey aspect of kitchen remodeling.

Also, pay attention to the angle and height of swinging appliance doors, particularly the refrigerator. If you want to place your fridge close to a wall, be sure the doors swing back. Do you want your cabinets to be glass-front or open shelves? Do you want clean lines and a complete finish on the exterior and interior design? Because cabinets take up so much room, choosing a color that complements the rest of your project is crucial.

Remove items from the walls and surfaces you don’t want to be covered in dust during the kitchen remodel. This includes your wall art, knickknacks, children’s artwork, maps, calendars, kitchen decorations (i.e., magnets), etc. If, like us, you’re planning on using Ikea cabinetry, Ikea offers a free design tool called the 3D Kitchen Planner. It is perhaps the most frustrating piece of software you will ever use, but it’s unfortunately a necessary evil as you’ll need it to place your order. You can technically use it from home, but I was never able to without pulling my hair out. So, I highly recommend going to your local Ikea kitchen department to plan your design—for some reason it runs more smoothly in the store (could this be a secret ploy Ikea? If so, it’s genius).

Read more about Quartz countertop here. They do this for a living and should have all the answers to your concerns. Briefly explain what you’ve accomplished and find out if they have any tips or preferences. P.S. More home decorating ideas including The 10 Coolest Mid-Century Ikea Hacks and my office shelves, made from the Ikea Stolmen closet system.

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