How to Layer Skin Care Printable Guide: Order to Apply Skin Care Products

This will determine the type of product you choose for each step of your skin care routine. Don’t make the mistake of avoiding moisturizer because you think that oily skin doesn’t need it! Oily skin needs hydration, and lack of moisture can cause oily skin to produce more oil in response. Look for a hydrating gel moisturizer or oil-free lotion to help keep your skin hydrated, supple and soft to the touch. If you have sensitive skin your skin reacts easily to products and outside influences and you are likely to experience irritation, redness and breakouts.

Skincare products can make a difference in improving skin concerns and issues. But if they persist with little to no improvement, it’s time to consult a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis and treatment protocol.

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“Let’s have a sunscreen that has antioxidants in it or let’s have a night cream that has humectants and Retinol cara menghilangkan parut jerawat in it,” says Dr. Robinson. A simple hack for the order you apply your products is thinnest to thickest.

Once you remove dirt and excess oil from your skin’s surface, you should focus on replenishing the lost moisture into the skin. Products containing niacinamide and sebocytine help in regulating oil production and secretion as well as reducing the formation of open pores, giving you a clear and radiant skin. After the application of a facial serum, you may apply a lightweight and oil-free moisturizer to deeply nourish your skin. Always opt for formulations which are non-comedogenic and don’t clog the skin pores. Before you plan and create your skincare routine, you must first and foremost know your skin type.

What’s the best order to use skin care products?

She is a glowy queen, as she took her time, adding products slowly and steadily. This ultra-hydrating cleanser simultaneously targets hydrated cell layers while washing away impurities without ever drying or stripping natural oils away. Fade hyperpigmentation that a blemish has left behind with this multi-corrective, hydrating treatment that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin. But you’re in luck because I’ve spent the last four years doing research and figuring out which skincare products to use and how to use it. Below, I broke down the correct order to apply your skincare, how to layer skincare, and the best skincare products for anti-aging, brightening, and overall skincare.

On the flip side, the efficacy of many skincare ingredients has to do with your skin’s pH level. This logic goes, of course, for all skin types but goes double if you have sensitive skin. If your skin tends to be reactive or breakout-prone, you’ll klinik pakar kulit jerawat kedah want to be especially strict with introducing new products to your skincare regimen. It may take longer to fully work a new item into your lineup, but it’ll be worth it to keep your skin clear and your skin barrier healthy throughout the process.


Many products will indicate on their label what sort of skin type they’re best for, making it easy to find products that’ll work for you. Here are six steps to follow when creating your beginner’s skincare routine. A general rule of thumb is to not mix combos of retinol, vitamin C, niacinamide, benzoyl peroxide, or AHA/BHA acids in one skin care sesh to avoid excess dryness or irritation. So consider using that retinol at night and vitamin C in the morning, for instance. Kung recommends using a gentle cleanser in the morning and a more intensive one at night. But if you’re using leave-on products with AHA, BHA, or retinol, you should also go for a gentle nighttime one to avoid irritation.

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The products are designed to work together synergistically for optimal results. The order of which you apply your skincare is also very important. After cleansing, a general rule of thumb is to always apply the lightest product first, like your serum, and finish with an SPF. Your morning regimen should include cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. It may be easy to forget about them, but your lips need just as much protection as the rest of your skin.

While you don’t need an eye cream, it can help add more moisture and hydration to the delicate skin of your undereye, which is prone to wrinkles and sun damage. If you are using multiple treatments or serums, the order of the active ingredients also matters. “It is generally advised to avoid combining retinol with alpha or beta hydroxy acids, as this can cause excessive dryness or irritation,” said Goldman.

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