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If you’re currently in high school, check out our high school GPA calculator, and for those in college, use our college GPA calculator. Read more about easy grade calculator here. If there are already any extra credit options available, do them all. Any time extra points are available, make sure take advantage of them. As we’ve mentioned, it’s important to keep your grades as high as possible, throughout the course, and not just wait until the end as the final exam is looming. Here’s how Composition 101 is weighted, with your total points for each part, multiplied by the percent each part is worth, showing your final tally.

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Condensing the grades on your transcript into one number gives colleges and businesses a quick overview of your academic success and helps you keep track of your educational goals. Many educational institutions in the United States also use a grade point average (GPA) system alongside the letter grade system. GPAs are typically calculated on a scale of 0 to 4.0, with 4.0 representing an A or excellent performance, and 0 indicating a failing grade (F). To determine the GPA, each letter grade is assigned a specific numerical value, after which, the calculator will compute an average based on the number of course units taken. To start, gather all your graded coursework and the corresponding grade percentage for each component.

Calculating Your Grade Point Average

Your GPA doesn’t define you—after all, it would be impossible to fit your background, personality, and skills into one number. However, it is a strong indication to colleges and companies of how seriously you took your studies and how consistent you were with maintaining your grades. Our online calculators, converters, randomizers, and content are provided “as is”, free of charge, and without any warranty or guarantee. Each tool is carefully developed and rigorously tested, and our content is well-sourced, but despite our best effort it is possible they contain errors.

Remember, AP and IB classes are usually on a 5.0 scale and honors classes typically use a 4.5 scale, so be careful to assign the correct grade points. Some schools use a weighted GPA scale to account for more difficult classes. After all, an “A” in AP Calculus probably took a lot more work than an “A” in a regular class.

Work hard the entire year, and communicate with your teacher if you are having any problems. If one or more classes are dragging you down, keep at it, and look at how your other classes can help raise your overall GPA, too. To maintain that average, do well on each class final, and you’ve increased your GPA to a very respectable level. If you pay attention to each class grade, you can make sure that your overall GPA stays high, too.

Weighted Grade Calculator

These are all basic skills that will help you with your grades in any class that you take. In each of the above classes, certain “weights” are placed on different aspects of your grade. For example, in Psychology 101, the final exam is “weighted” to be 40% of your grade. In Composition 101, the final is “weighted” to be 50% of your grade.

By knowing their current standing and the desired final grade, students can determine the effort required to achieve their goals. This allows them to allocate their time and energy efficiently, focusing on courses that need more attention rather than spreading their resources too thinly across multiple subjects. The process of calculating final grades involves understanding the relationship between each assignment’s grade and its weight. In most academic settings, assignments and exams carry different weights, with the final exam often having the highest weightage.

Say you took an English 101 course worth 3 credit hours and made an “A”. To find the total number of points, multiply the credit hours (3) by the grade points (4.0). We’ll start by calculating an unweighted high school GPA using the basic 0-4 scale, and then spice it up a bit with a weighted GPA calculation. Stella wants an A in the course, which means she has to get a 91%, or 91 grade points of 100.

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try changing back to default as that can sometimes result in a block. Other than wondering why American schools skip the letter “E”, it seems pretty easy, right? Learning what GPA stands for might seem like a waste of time, let alone calculating it, but you’ll find out quickly how helpful it is. In this example, this student has earned 380 points out of a possible 536 points.

Take advantage of any tutoring or study assistance that might be available from the school. Maybe there’s a free study session after school, or tutoring available in the library. Talk to your teacher or the school librarian about what might help you. This GPA calculator does not take into account academic retake or renewal policies. To turn this into a percentage multiply the answer by 100 or move the decimal point over two places. The Office of the Registrar ensures the integrity of academic records and implements College policies regarding the curriculum. The Registrar’s office is also responsible for release of official academic records and transcripts.

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