How sauna design evolved from the Stone Age to the age of luxury

Factor in about 2’ of bench space per individual sauna bather. As the name suggests, this kind of sauna does not require wood to burn. It mainly uses stones that are heated ‘electronically‘ at a push of a button, and which would produce steam whenever you throw water on it. You wouldn’t go out onto the gym floor and lift 400 pounds without building up to it slowly over time.

As the body heats up, blood vessels expand, increasing blood flow throughout the body. If you’ve recently invested in an infrared sauna or are considering one, you’re probably wondering about the timeframe for its benefits. Generally, users start feeling the positive effects after a few sessions, with the magnitude and type of benefit varying based on individual health and frequency of use. Using a steam room or a sauna is a beneficial way to relax the muscles, revitalize the skin, improve blood circulation, and ease mental stress. If you have adrenal fatigue or chronic fatigue, start with five minutes two to three times a week. Add a minute each week until you can handle 15 minutes at a time. Then, go to a couple of sauna sessions with a brief cooling-off period in between.

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The floating saunas are always located by the dock, offering great views over the Aurlandsfjord and the mountains. On board you will find a changing room and an electric sauna with capacity for 12 people.

Get the Sauna Steamy!

Read more about Sauna ceiling here. The tension-easing relief a sauna offers can do wonders. It’s a tradition historically linked to Finland, where pits dug in the sides of slopes were heated with fireplaces, hot stones, and steam. Luckily, it’s possible to build one of these cozy relaxation rooms at home without digging a hole in the side of a hill. After a long, cold day, it’s hard to beat the comfort and relaxation a sauna can offer. And, with this guide on the basics of building a sauna, you don’t need a spa membership to enjoy the experience. Saunas use rocks to help even out the heat and for creating steam.

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The air is damp as no humidity can get out, and these saunas have significantly lower temperatures than dry saunas. In recent decades, infrared saunas have also emerged, though many still don’t consider them to be saunas. If you’re on board with sauna life and ready to create your own, the last thing you need to learn is how to actually use one. In order to get the full health benefits of a hot room, there is a ritual and technique that must be followed.

It is not fair having them on your feet while sitting on the benches, especially on the higher ones. You can’t feel the full benefits of the sauna if your stomach is full. After a plentiful meal, your blood will go to the digestive system to improve digestion instead of circulating throughout your body. If you are invited over to a private sauna, check with your host on the dress code. Traditional Finns opt for clothing-free saunas for optimal sweat benefits.

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