Arizona Architect Seal Requirements: How to Comply

If you are unsure, it is best to check with your state’s engineering board to see if digital seals are allowed. Many times, a physical stamp will still be required in addition to the digital seal. However, state requirements and restrictions on usage of P.E.

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When I am licensed I will never SEAL the drawings of someone else. For the assumed liability it wouldn’t be worth it. I would also never rob a bank, however; there are plenty of crackheads that do.

The goal is to get you a new high-quality PE stamp as quickly as possible. Why doesnt anyone seem to understand terminology, once you pass the exams you are licensed, when you are permitted to work in any particular state you are registered. If you have neither you are not an Architect, period. There is no such thing as an unlicensed or even unregistered Architect, unless you are retired and have surrendered or suspended your registration.

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Well, if 10 is professionally competent, with alot of experience, he/her has every right to seek out someone who can look over their drawings, comment, and apply their stamp. That’s up to 10 and the person who stamps the drawings. Why do we always assume everyone’s motive is malevolent? 10- if you’re actually on the up-and-up you can expect to pay the RA no less than about 20% of your take, most will probably charge more. Understand your paying them for taking on all the liability, so don’t turn up your nose if they ask for half.

There was one state school in NY that was NAAB accredited that was all the way up in Buffalo. All the others were 40-50,000 a year and were a horrible investment for most  people. I went to a 4 year architectural program and was much more knowledgeable when I graduated than a lot of the people I have met from 5 year programs. (I was a carpenter for 5 years before and during school too.) The 4 year school I went to was more tech based than design based. I never planned on being the next Le Corbusier and this helped a lot when practicing in the real world.

Tips and tricks for getting the most out of your professional engineer stamp

The License thing, here in the US, is only a matter of business, nothing else. 80% of the licensed architects i know can’t even calculate a 15 feet beam or mention a basic code section. Any licensed engineer knows the engineering stamp to be a valuable instrument. It may be used to authenticate papers, seal plans, and even compute figures.

Seals are confusing, and many registered professional engineers misuse or omit it. The board’s website includes a downloadable PDF of the Architect Seal Requirements, as well as a list of approved suppliers for Arizona Architects Stamps. These professional seals come in a variety of models everything from the basic handheld seal to an extended long reach. You must replace your ink pads with the appropriate pad for your make and model stamp. We recommend replacing your ink pad as opposed to adding ink to your existing ink pad. After removing the cover from your replacement ink pad, slightly compress your stamp to reveal the old ink pad. Pushing against the ink pad will allow you to slide it out.

Is the Document Final for its Intended Purpose?

PE stands for Professional Engineer, and to use the PE stamp, an engineer must be licensed by the state in which they practice. The professional engineer stamp is a way of indicating that an engineer has reviewed a document and found it to comply with all relevant codes and standards. In other words, when you see a PE stamp, you can be confident that the document has been thoroughly reviewed by a qualified professional to practice engineering work. A professional engineer can physically stamp a document with a wet seal or embossing seal. Read more about Digital PE Seal here. Wet seals come in either self-inking or rubber stamps. We recommend you use high-quality, water-based ink for your rubber stamp.

Applying your seal with a rubber stamp has a certain air of sophistication that some professionals continue to prefer over self-inking stamps. A wood rubber stamp also looks great displayed on a desk, making it a nice gift item for an esteemed colleague. These stamps are durable and make incredibly efficient use of their ink. Each stamp is good for 5,000 impressions, and the ink pad can be re-inked or replaced for continual use.

The engineer is only able to put their stamp of approval on documents that they have worked on and are comfortable with putting their name behind. Engineers should feel confident in what is being stamped before putting their name on it.

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