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All about the flu and how to fight it University Health Services

Ting Ting Wong, M.D., is an attending doctor and an infectious disease specialist at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. If you might be having trouble respiratory, persistent ache, chest stress, new confusion, an inability to wake or stay awake, or bluish lips or face, seek emergency medical care instantly. Just as within the spring when differentiating between seasonal allergies and COVID-19 was tricky, the problem now will be figuring out what might be indicators of COVID-19 vs. flu. The poster presents primary details on influenza and key preventive messages which could be learn and understood rapidly. More detailed content may be made obtainable to target audiences through factsheets and brochures but can also appear on web sites and in different supplies.

It’s that time again – the dreaded “flu season”!

Other people have been recognized to develop otitis media (a middle ear infection) after the flu, additionally typically delicate. Even so, you must proceed to take standard precautions to guard others round you. Cover your mouth whereas coughing and sneeze into a tissue or the criminal of your elbow. Wash your palms immediately after, and disinfect any surfaces with a general-purpose cleaner. Flu antivirals are handiest when they’re started within 48 hours of the first signs of an infection. Lingering symptoms like a cough and tiredness might stick around for upward of two weeks.

Seasonal influenza

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) provides data on them here, in addition to a complete record of circumstances that make folks extra prone to creating serious issues from the flu. Where obtainable, vaccines remain our strongest protection, however the flu vaccine has traditionally needed to change each year to maintain up with fixed evolution and antigenic drift. This is because the glycoproteins on the flu virus which may be used as the vaccine target can vary in quantity, place, and antigenicity from year to yr. Fever, body aches, fatigue – flu signs can range from person to person but come on shortly and go away you exhausted and feeling depressing. For up-to-date information on the way to access flu vaccines at UHS see our flu photographs web page. Flu signs tend to develop one to two days after exposure to the virus and last for between 5 to seven days. Day 1 to Day three are characterised by the abrupt onset and worsening of signs.

This consists of people who are receiving most cancers treatments or who have HIV/AIDS. Children and adults sixty five years of age or older are also thought of to be at excessive threat for complications from the flu. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, COVID-19 has an incubation interval of up to 14 days and the typical time from an infection to changing into symptomatic is 5 days. While the exact time from infection to the flexibility to transmit the illness is uncertain, it is believed that the virus may be transmitted to a different person approximately two days earlier than signs start. This factsheet offers key info on seasonal influenza and is targeting healthcare professionals. Globally, seasonal influenza kills 400,000 folks from respiratory illness each year on common.

But these measures are being eased, and every single day fewer people are adhering to protecting measures. GISRS surveillance knowledge suggest that it is going to, with a slight rise in specimens testing positive for influenza that had been reported to FluNet in comparison with final yr already noted for July and August. Some specialists believe you’re most likely to spread the virus within the first three to 4 days.

The fever normally lasts two to 5 days, however fatigue can last as long as weeks, making working or going to excessive school tough. Some of the symptoms of the flu and a chilly are the identical; nevertheless, many people are hospitalized yearly, and even deaths occur as a result of flu. Some folks say getting their flu shot makes them really feel like they’ve the flu. There’s some fact to this, though not in the greatest way you might assume.

The virus is spread by touching surfaces or inhaling droplets of air which have are available contact with somebody who has the flu. Influenza is a virus that may unfold quickly from person to person. This illness is attributable to different strains of viruses that infect the lungs and airways. In the united states, an estimated 36,000 deaths happen yearly, with greater than 200,000 hospitalizations.

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The viruses that trigger gastroenteritis are spread via shut contact with infected folks, corresponding to by sharing food or consuming utensils, and by touching contaminated surfaces and objects. We will also take a glance at which components enhance the danger of dying from the flu and understand why, in some years, influenza has led to massive pandemics that brought on millions of deaths. This knowledge can inform us in regards to the dangers of influenza sooner or later.

Last yr, the influenza virus brought on an estimated 35 million illnesses in the U.S. When your physician finds the flu virus, they can give you antiviral medicine early on. If you get diagnosed early — inside 48 hours after signs present up — these drugs can ease your symptoms and shorten the sickness by a day or so. After the first 2 days, although, these meds won’t do much for you. Another drawback is that influenza can result in demise in numerous oblique ways.

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